My Bloody Valentine, live at SF’s Concourse Design Center

My Bloody Valentine
Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008
The Concourse

My Bloody Valentine live (photo by Donte)


Last night was the loudest show I’ve ever experienced. Except for maybe in high school when I had third row for Ratt and stood in front of Warren Di Martini. The only other show that I can remember for being “hands down, I’m calling my attorney, LOUD!” was Hum at Slim’s in the 90s.

During the final song, about 2/3rds of the way through it, the band just went into a hypnotizing daze that lasted for 20 solid minutes! 20 minutes of just complete, earth shaking, noise. Loud enough that your body vibrated from head to toe. Loud enough that at one point, you wonder, “Is everyone else experiencing the same thing I am? Did my hearing just blow?”. I had a similar thought during Radiohead’s set at Outside Lands when the sound just completely cut out, dead silent.

It was so loud that half way through the 20 minute sonic enema, I sent Mike, who was standing 3 inches in front of me, a text message that read, “are we strapped in apollo 13?”. He never felt his iPhone vibrate in his pants because his entire body was vibrating, like the rest of us.

Thank God I had these…

set list:
I Only Said [album:loveless]
You Sleep [album:loveless]
You Never Should [album:isn’t anything]
(When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream [album:isn’t anything]
Cigarette In Your Bed [album:you made me realise]
Come in Alone [album:loveless]
Only Shallow [album:loveless]
Thorn [album:you made me realise]
Nothing Much to Lose [album:isn’t anything]
To Here Knows When [album:loveless]
Slow [album:you made me realise]
Soon [album:loveless]
Feed Me With Your Kiss [album:isn’t anything]
You Made Me Realise [album:you made me realise]

my cranium is right smack in the middle of this crowd shot. about 20 feet in front of the left (stage right) speakers and belinda.

You can read a full review at the SF Weekly below.


SF Weekly review

Better than: Cape Canaveral on ecstasy

What kind of fucked up dreams am I going to have after this show? The whole walk to the car after My Bloody Valentine finished, the insides of my ears tickled. My head felt like my brain was still rattling around in my skull. And now that my hearing has dulled to a low ringing noise, I think I can sit down and write. But man, live My Bloody Valentine enters you like a demon that refuses exorcism until the sound guy flips the house music on at the end of the night.
But I’ll back up a bit. Last night one of the loudest, most powerful, and most affecting acts of the early ’90s took the stage after a 15 or so year hiatus from the music scene. And despite being booked in one of the worst venues in the city (the way the sound works at the Concourse, you may as well be watching your favorite band from inside a giant tunnel), the crowd was more than decent, filling up a good two thirds of the room by the end of the night. Old school fans hung out by the bar discussing where they saw MBV back in 1992, and one dedicated ’90s alt music fan proudly sported his Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine shirt for the occasion.

read the rest here…


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  1. You were texting at a concert? Let alone a fucking My Bloody Valentine concert? What is wrong with you?

  2. Where can i get the live recordings from this show? I got it from this website (i think) or a link on this website. It was erased from my computer, and now i cant find it anywhere! Help!

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