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Damon and Naomi:
More Sad Hits
[Shimmy-Disc; 1992; 20/20/20; 2008]
Rating: 7.0

When Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang’s debut album More Sad Hits was originally released in 1992, it shared a sonic aesthetic with the UK shoegaze scene that had been on slow burn for a number of years. As the former rhythm section of Galaxie 500, the Cambridge, Massachusetts, duo had already identified with the enigmatic sound of groups such as Cranes, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive. More Sad Hits continued this trade of influences: blurring boundaries with guitars that sound like synths, keyboards that sound like guitars wired to a dozen glorious chorus pedals, and massive, lush song structures. Choosing More Sad Hits as a title could well be seen as a gently sarcastic nod to this period of shoegazing, which frequently featured bleak, melodramatic lyrics– something Damon and Naomi also craft well, though their music at this time was more light-hearted in”…

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