Lazer Guided Melodies: Swirlies

Lazer Guided Melodies: Swirlies 1.: ”

Swirlies | What to Do About Them | Taang! | 1992

(translated via babelfish)

This first COMPACT DISC compels singles 7 ” s launched by the Slumberland and Pop Narcotic. In case that you do not know the Swirlies, she knows that 1) is my favourite North American band of years 90, 2) they have an excellent sense of mood and 3) she is one of the only bands whom the influence of the My Bloody Valentine exceeded to make something really inventive. They are not mere copies. They warp everything in music, make colagens malucas, but always having in mind that a charming melody is everything in the life of a person and that noise pop is the musical rhythm more fuck of all the times.


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