Drowned in Sound – Reviews – Album – Underground Railroad

What is it that makes French musicians so damn cool? Serge Gainsbourg was a drunk pervert who never found his musical niche, yet still managed to snag English Blow-Up beau Jane Birkin and earn himself the title of the ’20th century Baudelaire’. Justice are one of the hottest names on the electro house scene. Sébastien Tellier has somehow retained his street cred despite being France’s Eurovision entry, despite arriving on stage in a fucking golf buggy.

A Paris spawned, Velvets and Jesus & Mary Chain-obsessed boy/girl post punk outfit will therefore have music hacks, Hoxton scenesters and pseudo Bohemians alike foaming at the mouth. Underground Railroad are just that. Following on from 2005’s debut effort Twisted Tress, it’s clear that with Sticks and Stones Underground Railroad have not abandoned the angularity that was fast becoming their trademark along with their riotous shows – drummer/singer Raphael Mura suffers from ADD, something that always makes for a riveting live performance. However, it is safe to say that there is a new found maturity to their sound, opener ‘Poems For Freaks’ is a slow burner; dark Pixies bass rumble meets the more mellow moments of BRMC.

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