Darker My Love, Thursday night (7/17/08) at Popscene (330 Ritch)


“Darker My Love is a psychedelic rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of 5 members. Tim Presley, a former member of the band The Nerve Agents, contributes vocals and guitar. Andy Granelli, formerly a member of both The Nerve Agents and The Distillers, plays the drums. They are accompanied by Rob Barbato, who plays bass and shares lead vocal duties with Presley, and Jared “The Sandwich” Everett on rhythm guitar. As of late 2006, Will Canzoneri joined the band on organ and clavinet.

The band has released two EP’s and one LP. Their debut LP was released on 22 August 2006 on Dangerbird Records. On 28 August 2007, the band released a 12” 45 rpm split record with Denver-based rock group Moccassin. Darker My Love’s contribution is a song called “Hair Decisions,” which was recorded at San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios in October 2006. The record was the first release on L.A.-based label IHATEROCKNROLL. The group’s style is often compared to bands such as Can and My Bloody Valentine. In Spring 2006, Presley and Barbato became members of Manchester (U.K.)-based group The Fall. They both are featured prominently on The Fall’s most recent album, Reformation Post TLC”


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