San Francisco’s ‘Direction’


Recommended if you like: Jesus and Mary Chain, Magnetic Fields

From their myspace bio:
“mainly a studio project at the moment. i write, perform and record the songs with guest musicians. credits: “a wind” (vocals – anna black, s. christy) (bass, drums, theremin – s. christy) (guitar – john stewartz, s. christy) “my new heaven” (vocals, bass, guitar, drums – s. christy) “yestrday’s boy” (vocals – s. christy) (piano – mike aldax) (bass, drums, guitar – s. christy) (trumpet – steve kennedy) (cello – sonia carrard, s. christy) “urban ghost (demo)” (vocals, guitar, bass, drums – s. christy) (backing vocals – francis morgan)”

thanks to The Last Pop Song for this


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