Your music in more places:
nuTsie placeshifts your music to any web-connected PC and many mobile phones including Blackberry devices.

“SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – May 7, 2008) – nuTsie today announced the availability of nuTsie on Facebook. The nuTsie Facebook application allows users to play, share and explore the music that matters most to them — full tracks from their iTunes libraries and their friends’ iTunes libraries.
The nuTsie Facebook app allows users to:
— Feature and listen to their favorite iTunes playlists on their
Facebook profile pages
— Listen to their friends’ iTunes playlists
— Highlight their top 5 playlists on their profile pages
— Discover new music based on the music in their playlists and their
friends’ playlists

“nuTsie is about the music. There are over twelve hundred music apps on Facebook and not one of them delivers,” said Dave Dederer, Vice President of Business Development at Melodeo and founding member of the GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. Dederer added, “In fact, this just in — findings from a study released last week noted that most Facebook apps are silly and pointless. Blow off the goofy apps that will just drive you crazy and go nuTsie for music with us.”
nuTsie is a synchronized web and mobile music service that allows anyone to upload and listen to their iTunes music in hi-fi quality on any web-connected PC, mobile phone or BlackBerry device, as well as explore other users’ playlists and share music with friends.
In addition to providing anytime, anywhere access to a user’s iTunes library, nuTsie offers powerful music recommendations and music discovery. nuTsie’s proprietary recommendation engine adds new music based on collaborative filtering of many playlists, which results in highly relevant song recommendations guaranteed not to be in the user’s own library. nuTsie users also can easily find and listen to new music by searching and browsing by artist, member, genre and song title.
nuTsie recently announced the commercial availability of its service on BlackBerry devices.”


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