Echodrone was birthed in summer 2005 from the miasma of Craigslist. Answering a call for like-minded musicians, Brandon and Mark F. joined Eugene and began Echodrone’s exploration of the intersection where Medicine, Ride, Stars of the Lid and Mogwai meet. Original drummer Kahlil Karn felt the call in June 2006 and provided a visual component to initial gigs, but parted ways with the band in June 2007. Another call out to Craigslist ensnared drummer/sonic maestro Mark Tarlton, who began contributing electronic touches to the mix. The final stage of Echodrone was set when Meredith Gibbons (ex-One Becomes One Hundred) replaced departing member Mark F.

The Echodrone recipe: combine Post-Rock textures, Ambient atmospherics, Dreampop harmonies and feedback-drenched classic Shoegaze into a mold shaped from the band’s musical exploration. The result: a cathartic mix of vivid musical colors and patterns that is greater than the sum of its parts. Echodrone is an indie band for those bored with the indie genre.

After first unleashing their barbaric yalp onto receptive audiences in September 2006, Echodrone has since played with such local luminaries as Sciflyer (Clairecords), Murder of Lilies, and Halcyon High. March 2007 saw the release of a debut 4-song EP, recorded at SoundPort Studios by Michael Padilla (Dora Flood) and released on the band’s own label, Isomer Records. This self-titled EP was a top-seller on shoegaze specialty retail site toneVENDOR and has received airplay locally on KALX, KSCU and KZSU, nationally on the respected online station Vertigo Radio, where opener “Here We Are” was voted 2 listener favorite in the first month of release, and internationally on Australia’s 3RRR station.


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