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The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company founded by two MIT Media Lab PhDs, unveiled its “Musical Brain” today in partnership with Mashery. The Musical Brain automatically listens to music and reads about music everywhere on the web in real time, understanding more about online music and fan opinion than any system to date.

The Echo Nest is making the Musical Brain available to developers and online music services via an ongoing series of web-based APIs. Mashery will manage access to the Echo Nest APIs, providing the necessary infrastructure for credential management, throttling and caching, and reporting.

The Echo Nest’s first API, “Analyze” is a web-based application that can analyze a music file in a few seconds to render a ‘musical score’ for computers. The musical score is a small XML file detailing tempo, beats, time signature, song sections, timbre, key, and other musical attributes of the uploaded track. Analyze can power music visualization, real-time music games and DJ remix applications with a profound level of music understanding.

Today’s announcement included a featured use of The Echo Nest Analyze API:, a site where users can create beat-matched, DJ-quality micro-mixes of favorite songs to share on blogs and social networks.

“The result of over a dozen years of combined development, the “Musical Brain” has been unleashed.” said The Echo Nest Chairman and CEO, Don Rose. “Over the coming months, we’ll be announcing a series of APIs powered by the musical brain to radically improve the state of music search, recommendation and interactivity on the web. Our partnership with Mashery allows us to focus on building an expandable suite of intelligent music applications, while ensuring we have the necessary infrastructure to manage access, provide scalability, and measure API usage.”


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