my slacker custom radio station…

Recently at work, we’ve started a new policy. You can’t have more than 500 megs of music on your computer. That limits me to about 75 songs. 75 frickin’ songs!

My options are now either streaming radio or listening to my iPod. I’ve toyed with, Pandora and several radio stations. (mostly KEXP and KCRW)

They all work well and have their pros and cons. Currently, when KEXP is sucking (to me that’s half the day… but it just very well may be that I suck for half the day), I have been listening to my own custom slacker streaming radio station.

And I have to say, it rocks! It still has moments of sucking, and of course I’m definitely to blame this time, but I can instantly skip a song I don’t care for. Give it a listen!


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