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After spending half of this week at Macworld, a meeting today with fellow system admins and a couple guys from Apple, and listening to Directory Services, Kerberos, Active Directory, and LDAP speak, the title of this song seems somewhat appropriate.

“Machines at Night” begins where the band’s first record left off, but quickly speeds off to strange new places, like a sparkly road trip through your own head. Shimmery guitar layers, tambourines, sleigh bells, lush backing vocals, walls of fuzz, haunting Theremin, primitive drums and hypnotic bass are merely the vehicles here; what drives them are the ten darkly hopeful & brightly cynical songs, written, arranged and recorded in their downtown LA rehearsal room. The new CD was painstakingly produced by Distortions frontman F, and engineered by Colin Studybaker, known and trusted for his work with various Sub Pop acts, including Iron & Wine and Holopaw.

The hard-to-categorize Machines at Night was never an attempt to fit into any particular genre or stylistic niche. While the density and spaciousness of its sonic layers suggest some sort of indie/shoegaze hybrid, it’s eerie use of gothic pedal steel and variety of Theremin voices (all performed by F) immediately pulls this record into somewhat uncharted territory. Music journalist Mike Bond at UK Music Search writes “The Distortions have found a sound that echoes with dark majesty and narcotic intensity”. calls it an album of “…subtlety and depth…introspection and magic”. wrote that the new CD “stands to set them among some of their greatest peers” while comparing it to recent releases by Doves, Black Rebel Motorcycle club, and Beachwood Sparks.

The band released Machines at Night on its own small Blank Recordings label in April 2007. Despite having no money, no manager, and no publicist to push it, the record quickly began earning glowing press reviews, thousands of plays on Myspace, “best-of-2007”-style praise from fans, and indie radio airplay around the US. In May 07, Los Angeles radio station Indie 103 began playing one of the album’s standout tracks “This place doesn’t have the balls to kill me”, and announced that the track will be included on their upcoming compliation CD “Check One…Two; Vol III”.

The Distortions was formed in 2004 by two friends; guitarist/vocalist F and bassist Scott. Soon after, the band released its debut album “Exploding Teenage Body Part”. By summer 2005, the band hit the road, teaming up with LA indie darlings Helen Stellar for a Northwest US tour. Sharing a van (as well as instruments), the two bands
co-headlined nightly in cities between San Francisco, Boise, and Seattle.

It was after this tour that the Distortions began the ambitious eighteen month journey of writing & recording that led to the release of Machines at Night. The new album can be downloaded on iTunes, purchased at, or picked up at any Distortions show.”

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