Stars Of Track And Field tomorrow night in San Francisco

stars of track and fieldStars Of Track And Field are playing Wednesday night at The Bottom of the Hill. Cover is just $10. One of my favorite tracks is Say Hello. More are below…

Recommended if you like: Snow Patrol, The Shins, Rogue Wave, The Decemberists, Voxtrot

Four Stars – Alternative Press, March 2007

“Standout ‘Movies of Antartica’ is a desolate stadium anthem that echoes Radiohead and Coldplay.” – Billboard, January 2007

“The Portland trio, whose shoegazer sound is a dreamy mix of keyboards, electronic samples, chiming guitar and throbbing bass lines…a further dip into this impressive debut reveals some expansive rock songs that deserve to be heard on the big stage.” — – Must Hear Albums, January 3rd, 2007

“Centuries Before Love and War is good enough to scare the Postal Service gang back into the studio.” – The Boston Globe, January 2007

“Stars of Track and Field are masterminds of atmospherics…The group’s lushly crafted alt-rock aims high-for the arena rafters, even-but in a way that is smart and indie-minded.” – The Denver Post, January 2007

“A little bit poppy, a little bit electronic, a little bit dreamy. All together amazing.” – NY Post’s Best Songs to Download from 2006, December 19th, 2006

They are playing with Eskimo Joe and Jeff Klein.

free mp3 of “With You;
free mp3 of “Movies of Antartica”
free mp3 of “Centuries

official site
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