New Radiohead available today… if you can get to it.

radiohead in rainbowsThe new Radiohead album, ‘In Rainbows’, is out today. It’s only available online, legally, from their site

Radiohead is no longer under contract with a distribution partner so they can do as they please with their newly created music, such as offer it up online for free, or whatever you feel like they deserve.

Many people have criticized record labels and supported music piracy saying that until it’s easier to buy music legally than to pirate it, they will continue to pirate it.

What I find interesting about today’s Radiohead release is this. Despite being free, if you’re too cheap to pay them anything for it, it’s easier to get the new album via other means.

Every time I’ve tried to access Radiohead’s site this morning, it’s been inaccessible due to traffic overload. I then did a little searching and found that it’s available elsewhere with no server problems.

What does this have to say about music piracy? Despite being cheap, or free, it’s STILL easier to obtain the music via other means.


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