Division Day (The Bottom of the Hill, Thur. Oct 4)

division dayDivision Day is playing at San Francisco’s The Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night. This is their album release show.

mp3 of ‘Colorguard’
mp3 of ‘There Is No Telling’

“…they display an ability to layer diverse sounds that brings to mind Yo La Tengo’s ambitious yet loose-limbed approach to music… sure as hell beats a knock-off of the indie band du jour.”
-Amplifier Magazine

“Division Day. Were. Awesome. So awesome, in fact, that they could be considered awesome awesome, deserving of far better praise than this meager college rock fan… could ever dish… I dug Division Day the most for unabashedly mixing my favorite things—a preference for Dismemberment Plan-style awk-rawk over the too-obvious Moving Units post-punk-white-boy funk, soft vocals from a dude who can actually sing, (and) a drummer who looks like Dennis Wilson (pre-alcoholic downfall) and plays like him too (if Dennis Wilson were a robot with precision timing)…”
-OC Weekly

“The intersection of Division Day’s disparate influences isn’t always a mellifluous place. But on the L.A. quartet’s self-released debut Beartrap Island, it makes for compelling art, even if Pavement-meets-Beach Boys or Deerhoof-meets-Jesus and Mary Chain sound more like car crashes than sonic stew.”
-LA Times

“Another unsigned band creating a stir, (Division Day’s) debut full-length is a solid collection of indie pop with strong melodies… fans who have been missing The Dismemberment Plan may want to investigate this one.”

“Division Day is certainly accomplished… the sparse and light feel of this EP comes through so well it almost shimmers… For those that wish for something lush and tight dig in.”
-Delusions of Adequacy

“Beartrap Island is basically just a really great pop record. It’s filled with catchy hooks (nice), smart lyrics (bonus) and sing-a-long choruses (double bonus). While each song is sonically different than the next – album opener, “Tigers,” is a driving, swirling, bouncy, indie rock back flip of excitement, while the next track, “Beartrap Island,” is a slow, organ-filled, feedback-infused, collage of sound – they all seem to make sense when collected together and presented as a whole. Segnitz’ voice is breathy and passionate and kind of angsty and sounds just like Davey from The Promise Ring/Maritime.”
-The Tripwire

Oct 4, Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St. San Francisco, CA
Doors at 8:30, we’re on at 11. $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Division Day’s official site


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