Adam Franklin’s Bolts of Melody reviewed (swervedriver)

adam franklinPitchforkmedia’s review of “Bolts of Melody”

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For those not familiar with Adam Franklin, he was the lead singer/songwriter for Swervedriver. If you haven’t, you must pick up their album ‘Mezcal Head’. If you don’t believe me, believe Sam Fogarino. If you don’t recognize that name, he is Interpol’s drummer.

I had dinner last night with Jack Rabid, of The Big Takeover and Springhouse, and he told me of how he introduced Sam and Adam a while back. Sam was a big fan of Swervedriver. Here is an excerpt from an interview on pitchforkmedia:

‘Getting to kick out some jams with your idols is any young musician’s dream come true, and for a young musician named Sam Fogarino from a young band called Interpol, that dream recently exploded into reality.

Fogarino met former Swervedriver lead Adam Franklin over dinner a winter ago, and the two must have hit it off, ’cause they done gone and formed a band. “i’ve been a swervedriver fan from the start, still am,” wrote Fogarino on the Setting Suns’ newly inaugurated MySpace page. “i would have killed just to bang a can for adam franklin. now, he makes sense of my melodies, and turns our ideas into a beautiful din. i feel lucky and alive…. and a bit sick from my own sap.”‘

The Setting Suns on myspace
Adam’s ToshackHighway on myspace

Swervedriver on myspace


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