Film School at The Bottom of the Hill, this Wednesday in SF!

Recommended if you like: Interpol, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine

They are playing this Wednesday night at San Francisco’s ‘The Bottom of the Hill’ on 17th Street in Potrero Hill, presented by Filter Magazine. Film School’s new album, ‘Hide Out’, is finished and will be officially released on September 11th.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a great band in a small venue, before they made it, now is your chance. Never been to The Bottom of the Hill? Never been a better time to experience it. Imagine being invited to a friend of a friend’s house for a party and the place is super cool and unique. Back in 2001, you could have caught these bands there: Interpol, The White Stripes, The Strokes…

“Quiet but intense, subtle but unrestrained, the songs of Film School possess, musically speaking, more balls than Sigur Ros and less eccentricity than Moby.” – “Band of the Day”

“Wonderfully off-kilter pop-songs” – NME

“It’s one of the best-sounding self-produced, headphones-only albums by a local band I’ve heard of late” – SF Guardian

“You can’t help feeling that Film School are actually achieving what so many bands have failed to capture.” –

“This is the San Francisco five-strong band’s hugely confident debut.” – ID magazine

“Not settling for merely reviving the sounds of My Bloody Valentine or Pink Floyd, Film School manages to sound like the American indie band it is – with songs that are lovingly fractured, vaguely droney yet impossibly urgent.” – LA Times “Buzz Band of the Week”

“The Bay Area stalwarts’ eponymous debut is rammed full of slickly produced, brooding indie with more than a touch of the My Bloody Valentines in its swirling guitar. The most depressing thing? Just how well they pull it off.” – Swingbatter Blog

free mp3 of the song ‘Pitfalls’



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