paradeParade’s list of influences is Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Mark Kozelec, PJ Harvey, Gang of Four, Aphex Twin, and Nick Cave.

The track linked below, “That’s Hott”, reminds me of Elastica.

“Parade’s only agenda is to play music they love. Through a highly collaborative process, they create their own version of pop music: melodic and minimal, but classy and modern. They draw from influences as varied as Radiohead, Mark Kozelec, PJ Harvey, Gang of Four, Aphex Twin and Nick Cave, though it is rare to find them listening to the same recordings at the same time.

Parade essentially began in Emily’s living room in Athens, Georgia, in early 2004. Since Jason lived in Atlanta, they commuted between the two cities to practice. Although school and jobs eventually led them to settle in Atlanta, Parade is inspired and affected by the sounds of both cities. As such, they consider themselves a product of both Atlanta and Athens.

On stage, Parade is energetic and tight, but honest. Over the last few years, while touring the east coast and mid-west, Parade’s sound has grown in sophistication, but retained it’s listenability and charm.

Parade is currently working on their next full length, which is scheduled for an early 2008 release.”

free mp3 of That’s Hott
more mp3s here

official site
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