Daydream Nation

daydream nationRecommended if you like Swervedriver, early Oasis, Ride

“What’s The Story? After releasing an amazing self-titled debut that drew praise from major publications such as The Big Takeover, Skyscraper, Exclaim, and Creem, Daydream Nation are back with a vengeance on their second release Bella Vendetta, which has drawn equally stellar raves. The duo consisting of Pat Vaz on guitar and vocals and Hunter Crowley (formerly of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks) on drums were joined on the new album by luminaries such as Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde) and Dave Koenig (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and the results are spectacular. Think prime time Oasis and Soundtrack of Our Lives meets Ride and Swervedriver at their most epic. Most recently, Daydream Nation have been invited to contribute an exclusive track for a compilation on trendy London imprint AC30, which will see the light of day in July 2006 as well as the EP, “False Starts, Broken Hearts, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Guitars,” also slated for 2006.”

free mp3 of “New Dawn”
free mp3 of “A Passing Notion”

more free mp3’s on their official site

official site


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