AstrobriteRecommended if you like: My Bloody Valentine and other shoegaze or noisepop bands

Astrobrite was “formed in 93. MOSTLY A SOLO PROJECT FOR SCOTT CORTEZ. like most of my projects, it is an entity consisting of bedroom 4 track recordings for personal pleasure and friends. sometimes astrobrite is a means to cull the noisepop demons, purging the traditional song structures with metal oxide and magnetic flux, leaving behind aural sketchbooks of cacophanous beauty. the live lineup has included. melissa arpin, jason baron, odell nails, andrew prinz,(MAHOGANY) michael cooper, rob smith(PAIK), doug walker, watchman(MELT BANANA),narasaki (COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, taka sasaoka(DIVE) 4 track whitenoise wonders released on cassette back in 95 led to two singles. numerous lineup changes and shows, opening for MEDICINE, BOWERY ELECTRIC, SPIRITUALIZED. then the bliss-tering tapes found their way to clairecords and a release in 2001 culling all of the 4 track hits onto one disc, entitled CRUSH. the follow up ep 8 CANDY, featuring the earliest material from 93. then the japanese got involved and decided to fly scott over to record the CRUSH material in a real 48 tracl studio, the result SUPERCRUSH. 2 years later another japanese label releases PINK SHINY ULTRA BLAST. 4 track gems mixed on a mac and made nice. WHITE NOISE SUPERSTAR, 4 track wonders pushed to noisepop limits; it marks a return to the astrobrite sound of 94 which consisted of simple chords buried under droning layers of looped guitar bliss. finally out in japan.”

download mp3s from their myspace page.


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