I was sent this cd a few weeks ago. I’ve listened to it a little bit and haven’t had time to write about it with the traveling I’m been doing the past month. The following is taken from their myspace site.

“Nine months of the year, western new york is cold, dark and depressing. This environment might just be the perfect gene pool to create shoegaze or dream pop. Nearly 6 months of the year indoors makes for a depressing state.

Surrounded by the great lakes we are often buried under unforgiving lake effect snow: sudden, unexpected and brutal. What makes us turn up our reverb and delay pedals, who knows? Let’s blame it on the weather.

Tearwave’s image is our music. We will be constantly writing and recording for sometime. We love the shoegaze dark wave dream pop style of music and all the artists that came before us. We live to make this music. Sound that makes you think or reflect is a rare thing.

Our goal is to make you feel something – a new or maybe old emotion. Most of today’s music lacks feeling…We want to embrace it. ”

riyl: Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lush, The Cure

free mp3 of Lotus Flower



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