The Rosenbergs

The Rosenbergs are a band I discovered back in the days of Napster. Their first couple of albums were very catchy and highly radio friendly. I would recommend getting the albums ‘Ameripop’ and ‘Mission:You”.
Recommended if you like Fountains Of Wayne, Death Cab For Cutie and Cheap Trick…

The Rosenbergs are a New York power-pop band. They are notable for their unusual approach to the music business and file sharing.

Following the release of their seven track EP Ameripop, the band were invited to appear on the Jimmy and Doug’s, a TV show that mixed known, signed bands with unsigned talent. The band declined, objecting to the contract, which gave the right to sign the band within 60 days of the performance, and all rights to the band’s website. Instead, the band signed to Discipline Global Mobile, founded by King Crimson guitarist, Robert Fripp. Under the deal, the band would retain all rights to their music, while in exchange the record label would receive money from merchandise and ticket sales.

In 2001, the band released the album Mission:You, with the first 10,000 copies as a two-CD special edition. What was unusual was that both CDs had exactly the same content – the extra CD was branded with the Napster logo and a message urging the buyer to “share with a friend”. They also allowed a selection of tracks to be available for download via the file-sharing service.

That year the band played over 200 shows, touring with Echo & The Bunnymen, Tom Tom Club, and Modern English, in addition to their own Napster-sponsored dates. Tracks from Mission: You were also used in various TV shows, notably Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five.

In 2004, the band released their second album, Department Store Girl, produced by Keith Cleversley. Three tracks from the album appear in the video game Playboy: The Mansion.

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