The Twilight Sad

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I posted a link for this band back in March before pitchforkmedia posted a glowing review and gave it 8.6. These guys played a brief albeit interesting set last night at The Independent.

We walked in at 8:40 to about 12 people sitting down at tables. Not a single person was standing. This was toward the tail end of the set for A Northern Chorus. About 20 minutes later The Twilight Sad started to approximately 10 more people. One person standing in the center. (see picture above)

The first song began. Shortly into the first song, when the drums kick in, the drummer played about 2 beats and suddenly threw down his sticks and stormed off stage in a fury. He slammed the stage door behind him.

I don’t think anyone in the band knew why. There was no obvious equipment malfunction. The band continued on for a few minutes repeating a basic melody. Finally they stopped and the singer said in a thick Scottish accent, “Does anyone know what happened to our drummer? He was here a minute ago.” All 20 people present chuckled.

The drummer eventually returned after being away for about 5 minutes and the band continued on. There was never any mention or sign as to why he left so annoyed. I’d love to know the details.

2015 Note (8 years later) : I spoke to the band after a show recently and they told me they remembered this night. They said they thought Mark Devin, the drummer, messed up and came in at the wrong time. Evidently he was upset with himself.

Unfortunately they played a very short set, about 6 songs, of which I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It was a shame that there wasn’t a better turnout. Hopefully they’ll return to SF soon. We left afterward and didn’t stick around for Aereogramme.

The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory


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