We’re pretty into the self-titled debut from the brainy Austin outfit Peel; Then again, we’re suckers for any song that sounds like a 21st-century take on the Meat Puppets’ “Backwater.”
– Idolator, February 2007

Borrowing the trademark looseness of Pavement with the vocal deliveries in the vein of Apples in Stereo, Austin’s Peel seems to have something both new and energetic with enough nostalgic reference points to be charmingly familiar.
– Gorilla Vs Bear, February 2007

Incorporating loose and harmonious vocals that occasionally explode into psychedelic, screaming freak-outs, electric guitar riffs, playful keyboards, roller coaster synthesizer effects, and the rhythmic jerking of pulsing bass and rumbling drums, Peel reverberates infectious melodies throughout.
-Daniel Perlaky at The Austin Independent, March 2006

Peel is a new must for any dance party playlist.
-Hanna Grene at The Eagle

Es la música perfecta para manejar en verano y espero que esté sonando cuando menos de paseo a Tolantongo. Creo que también podrías caminar con ella, pero no sin hacer el baile del chango chido.
-La Jerga, February 2007

stream the entire album for free here… so you know what that means…

free mp3 of the song ‘In The City’. i’ll let you figure out the rest.



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