Foxtail Somersault

Foxtail Somersault, a San Francisco based five-piece, was formed when guitarist Seiken Nakama, decided to take his musical passions to the next level. Largely influenced by the shoegaze genre, Foxtail Somersault blends diverse musical styles without being contrived.

Accompanying Seiken’s textured guitar layers, Catherine Howland has a voice and lyrics you don’t want to miss. James Spadaro’s hook-laden guitar melodies, complement the “wall of sound” style, while bassist Brian Anderson and drummer Mark Dungey construct original and dynamic rhythms. Calling upon influences like Slowdive, Luna, Mogwai, and Asobi Seksu, Foxtail Somersault’s dreamy, atmospheric yet edgy sound is both original and familiar.

upcoming sf bay area show:

The Oakland Metro
201 Broadway
Oakland, CA
8pm /All Ages /$10

free mp3 of Divingboard

free mp3 of Motionland

official website


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