Medicine (indie rock, shoegaze)

The brainchild of guitarist Brad Laner, Los Angeles trio Medicine play a melodic, rhythmic style of noise-rock that has been tagged “dream-pop.” Laner began performing in his early teens in such local bands as Vox Pop and Nervous Gender after developing a taste for such avant-garde rock performers as Captain Beefheart, Throbbing Gristle, Yoko Ono, and the Residents. Over the years, Laner played on more than 300 albums, the most famous of which belonged to industrial-rock outfit Savage Republic, for whom he served as the drummer. Medicine was formed in 1991 with drummer Jim Goodall; its early lineup included guitarist Jim Putnam, bassist Eddie Ruscha, and singer Annette Zalinskas, an original member of the Bangles. Putnam, Ruscha, and Zalinskas eventually left; the latter was replaced by former Fourwaycross singer Beth Thompson. The band’s debut, Shot Forth Self Living, was released in the U.K. several months after the band formed; it was picked up in America by Rick Rubin’s American label, which signed Medicine in 1992. 1993 saw an EP, 5ive, which was followed a year later by the band’s second full-length album, The Buried Life, featuring more collaborations within the group.

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Influenced By:
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