Bell Hollow

Bell Hollow make bittersweet mood music, singing dreamy songs both melodic and mysterious.

Formed in February 2003 by bassist Christopher Bollman and guitarist Greg Fasolino, the Brooklyn-based quartet were inspired by the atmospheric British rock of the Eighties as well as new wave and shoegaze, building on authentic experience in these genres. Bollman and Fasolino’s groups The Naked and the Dead and The Children’s Zoo were part of NYC’s underground post-punk scene in the ’80s, while original drummer and Aussie native Hayden Millsteed played for his infamous countrymen Lubricated Goat. The final piece in the Bell Hollow puzzle was frontman Nick Niles, originally hailing from Northern California, who came aboard in spring 2005. The band’s eponymous demo soon followed that fall, turning heads with shimmering songs like “Lowlights” and “Our Water Burden.”

In May 2006, Bell Hollow went into Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge studios with producer/engineer Hillary Johnson (Jeff Buckley, The Prids, Michael Gira) to record their first official EP, “Sons of the Burgess Shale,” which was released on new Brooklyn indie label Five03 Records in October 2006.

Drummer Hayden Millsteed moved back to Australia in December 2006. The band quickly found the perfect replacement in Todd Karasik, longtime drummer for LI/Brooklyn indie-pop cult heroes My Favorite. Also augmented live by Hillary Johnson on synth, Bell Hollow’s new lineup is ready to induce waking dreams.

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