Display song lyrics on your desktop automatically!

Display iTunes song lyrics on your Mac desktop with GeekTool.

1. Download and install GeekTool.
2. Put this as a shell command into GeekTool (with all quotation marks, in one line):

osascript -e '''tell application "iTunes" to set currentLyrics to the lyrics of the current track'''

This should display the lyrics of the current song as long as the song has lyrics in its tag.

GeekTool user forums for more ideas and for help.

Does anyone know of an easy way to have iTunes fetch the lyrics if they aren’t already there?


2 thoughts on “Display song lyrics on your desktop automatically!”

  1. Try “get lyrical”.
    Freeware, and it seems to be doing a decent job on my library. Just remember to uncheck “Lyrics header” and “lyrics footer” under file or you get annoying extra text that ruins the aesthetics.

    Thanks for directing me to the script.

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