The French Kicks at Slim’s in San Francisco

On Thursday night we went to see The French Kicks at Slim’s. I wasn’t disappointed but I was a little underwhelmed.

The audio mix seemed off early on. The lead vocals were too quiet. The drums were loud but I suspect that’s how the band wanted it. They seem to emphasize drums and want that feel.

Nick Stumpf’s vocals were at times unimpressive and at other times very nice. He just didn’t seem to have the power in his voice that I expected. His falsetto wasn’t strong at all. I was hoping to be blown away and I wasn’t. It’s not that he can’t sing. Contraire. Maybe it was the audio mix, maybe it was a bad night or just maybe he is more of a studio musician.

My second comment has to do with the stage setup. I’ve been to Slim’s many times and have come to accept the poorly placed poles that support the building. There is one right next to the stage about 1/3 of the way in. My question is this… Do you have to place the damn keyboard right in front of it? I’d guess that half the venue couldn’t see Nick’s face during the few songs he sat down for. You can’t move the pole but you can move the damn keyboard!


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