Highspire (riyl: radiohead, my bloody valentine)

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“About.com Review: Your Everything
Sonically Amazing – 4 ½ stars

If music were coffee, Highspire would be the Starbucks of the world with they’re perfect concoction of electronics and soaring & roaring guitars.

The sound of Your Everything is huge and amazing!

The music is comprised of wispy male vocals, layers of guitars, synths and drums. The lushness of the sound is almost unbelievable. “Until The Lights Go Down” starts with electronic blips and drums which is followed by guitars so big, it may have damaged my speakers. “Skies You Climb” is reminiscent of Ride’s song “Vapour Trail” with it’s acoustic guitar and cello. In addition to the mountainous guitar songs, there are a few tracks that have a snazzy contemporary lounge feel. Programmed drums, long synths, jazzy bass and even some samples for added effect. “No Day Like Today” mixes these two styles. It opens sounding like a Portishead track, but that’s soon interrupted by a blast of thunderous guitars. Another highlight is “Love Me Or Leave Me.” It switches between heavily reverbed guitars and jangly chords backed by distortion.

Your Everything is an ambitious affair with nearly unlimited twists and turns.

Chad Kempfert”

You can listen to mp3 samples on Highspire’s official site.


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