new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club single

EDIT: the dingdongs at BRMC have taken down the samples… my guess is because of the numerous blog sites linking to them. i guess they don’t want word to get out. (???)

As promised, the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club single, “Weapon Of Choice” and album track, “666 Conducer” are available to listen to on the official web-site and linked below.

Both songs are taken from the new album, “Baby 81”, due April 30 UK and Europe on Island Records and May 1, US and Canada on RCA.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Took Out a Loan
2. Berlin
3. Weapon of Choice
4. Window
5. Cold Wind
6. Not What You Wanted
7. 666 Conducer
8. All You Do Is Talk
9. Lien on Your Dreams
10. Need Some Air
11. Killing the Light
12. American X
13. Am I Only

Baby 81 captures Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the most crucial time of their career. “I think we all took a leap of faith a little bit more on this album, writing more current songs,” Robert reveals. “We used to hold on pretty tight to new songs, but it kind of feels like people are finally going to hear where we’re at right now – we’re much more in the moment.”


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