The Catherine Wheel

The Catherine Wheel are one of the most under appreciated bands of the 90s. Their album ‘Chrome’ is up there with Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’ as far as “must haves” for any fan of Alternative/Indie rock.

Why they didn’t become as popular as Radiohead is anyone’s guess. Marketing, label problems, or even the band’s name can be to blame.

Many people who are familiar with the band usually only know the tune ‘Waydown’ from their 1995 album Happy Days. Their first 2 albums sound nothing like that.

The following was taken from an interview with The Catherine Wheel’s singer, Rob Dickinson, who has since gone on to found the successful Singer Porsche, regarding feedback while touring for his solo album:

“It was a surprise, Dickinson says, to see audiences going berserk for Catherine Wheel standards like “Black Metallic” during his initial run of live dates for Fresh Wine for the Horses.

That, combined with recent conversations with fannish members of Death Cab for Cutie and Interpol ‘ who told an awed Dickinson that “without Chrome, our second record, their band wouldn’t exist” ‘ has given him a renewed appreciation for his time in Catherine Wheel.”

“I’m starting to appreciate that,” he says. “It is kind of cool. We were the band that didn’t quite make it but that everyone still loves, and in many ways it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m not living in a castle in Spain with the proceeds, but it’s still pretty good.

If you think you know rock music, and especially “indie” music, and you haven’t given ‘Ferment’ and ‘Chrome’ 3 spins each, then you’re missing out.

Black Metallic,  a 7+ minute monster of a tune from their debut.


Pain, taken from their sophomore release Chrome. The first single from Chrome was Crank but there are so many enormous tunes on Chrome that you should hear a deeper cut.



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