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Engine 88’s noisy pop recalls Pavement and Fugazi. Two Bay Area bands provided the personnel for the group. Damon Wood (guitar, vocals), David Hawkins (drums) and Eric Knight (bass) previously played in the Smoking Section, a soul-funk band, while Tom Barnes (vocals, guitar) worked with Sordid Humor. The band began their own label (Shut Up and Drive) in 1993 and released their first single, “Funny Car/Drowning.” The second single, “Bottle,” appeared on No Life. Caroline released their debut album, Clean Your Room, in mid-1995.

You can pick up the album “Clean Your Room” at Amazon for one cent. 1′ !!! Check out the song ‘GTO’ on their myspace page.

Their album Flies and Death ‘n Stuff for free:

Ten-Foot Tiger Shark
All We Could Possibly Want
Manuel, You Know

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