My favorite albums of 2005

album cover The Doves
Some Cities

released March 1, 2005
How can bands like Coldplay release something as boring as X&Y (after two pretty good albums) while the Doves have released 3 brilliant albums without nearly the same fanfare? If 3/4ths of the Coldplay bandwagoneers listened to the Doves, then they’d surely be playing to large venues with soccer moms too. Maybe Jimi Goodwin needs to date an American actress.
album cover Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene

released October 4, 2005
album cover The Editors
The Back Room

released July 28, 2005
Not the most original but who cares? These kids write some catchy tunes! Recommended if you like Interpol or Echo and the Bunnymen.
album cover The National

released April 12, 2005
An absolute fantastic album that manages to be quite calming yet quite energetic at the same time. Matt Berninger’s calming baritone combined with Bryan Devendorf’s fluid and creative drumming makes for an interesting combination. Fellow Ohioans, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, along with bassist Scott Devendorf, crafted some wonderful tracks. Favorites are “Secret Meeting”, “Looking for Astronauts”, “Daughter’s of the Soho Riots”, “All the Wine”, “Geese of Beverly Road” and “Mr. November”.
album cover Silversun Pickups

released July 26, 2005
Probably the most unknown band on my list. I saw these guys open for someone at Slim’s… oh yeah, Brendan Benson. I first heard this on I’m looking forward to seeing these guys along with Amusement Parks On Fire open for Nine Black Alps at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco next month. Can’t beat the price. $10.
album cover Rogue Wave
Descended Like Vultures

released October 25, 2005
album cover Foreign Born
In the Remote Woods [EP]

released June 21, 2005
I saw them open for Rogue Wave at the Great American Music Hall. Something about the sound seemed different live, not bad, just different. I like the album much better. The singer does have some fancy footwork though. Perhaps the guitars are louder, or the singer’s voice is deeper… who knows?
album cover New Pornographers
Twin Cinema

released August 23, 2005
album cover Calla

released September 27, 2005
A late addition. I’m adding this mostly based on expectations after a couple listens.

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