Tune your tv correctly for the best picture

Picture perfect: HDTV tune-up tips

The average American spends hours in front of the TV each week, but the picture on an average American TV looks like Times Square on steroids: too bright and garish to seem anything like real life. That’s because default settings for TVs are configured to make an impact on the sales floor of your local electronics superstore, not necessarily in your living room. With the emergence of higher-quality wide-screen and high-definition TVs, not to mention the DVD movies and HD programs that fill their big screens, living-room images can look better than ever before–as long as you don’t settle for the manufacturers’ default settings.

Our guide includes three steps you can take to help make your television picture look its best. For starters, we’ll tell you how to properly set the basic picture controls available on most TVs. Next, we’ll take a look at various home-theater setup DVDs that provide expert advice for both video and audio fine-tuning. And lastly, we’ll give you the lowdown on professional calibration and whether it’s worth the investment for your high-end set.

Find out how to set your TV’s picture controls to optimal levels.

Use a calibration DVD to achieve even better image quality. We give you the skinny on the four most popular packages.

Does it pay to bring in a TV doctor? Here are the ins and outs of professional calibration.



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