Catherine Wheel, Swervedriver and Ride on the same bill this August! (sort of)

San Diego CA
at M-Theory Music (a record store)
Saturday, August 13th, 7:00 pm. Admission FREE

3 solo acoustic performances by:

Mark Gardener of Ride
Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel
Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

Sat. Aug. 13th @ 7pm: 2nd Annual Sonic Summer Bash! Last year we brought you Louis XIV and David J (Bauhaus). This year, we’ve risen to the occasion again with a shoegazer’s dream bill. Drum roll please’..

The All-Headliner Line-Up will be:

9pm: Mark Gardener (Ride)

8pm: Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)

7pm: Adam Franklin (Swervedriver)
Editor’s note: There’s a reason why we named our store puppy Swervie and it’s not because she walks funny.

This is a not to be missed in-store party. Mark is coming from the UK and Adam is coming from New York City specifically for this show. They are not playing elsewhere. If for some reason you’re not familiar with these bands, do yourself a favor and do a search on google for their websites. These artists have an amazing history with their former bands and their solo work is continuing in that tradition of quality. We cannot wait for this show!

After party at the Whistle Stop Bar for One Nation Under A Groove w/DJ Bart Blackstone.


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