Amusement Parks On Fire

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About a month ago I picked this up. Listened to it a bit for a couple weeks and really started to like it. Shortly after, I learned that my girlfriend was going to Paris the next week for work. I tagged along for the long 3 day weekend.

I kept searching online trying to find a cool show to see while in Paris. The only thing that kept coming up, of which I was familiar, was U2 with Snow Patrol at Stade De France. I was convinced that something just as interesting, much cheaper and being held in a much smaller venue was happening. I kept searching.

Finally, the Friday I was in Paris I saw online that a guy named Sebastien Schuller was playing at a free, outdoor music festival called Feed Back. The review compared Sebastien Schuller’s sound to Radiohead and Air. I listened to a couple streaming clips and liked what I heard. I then checked the artist lineup for Feed Back and BAM!, playing on Sunday was Amusement Parks On Fire. (Sorry Sebastien, we could only dedicate one afternoon to this. You all should check out his stuff. )

I’m a member of and yet this didn’t show up. What’s with that? Really makes me question the worth of that site. I’m a paying member and I get the email updates but the emails are so generic that you still have to go to the site to see the updates. A HUGE hassle for multiple venues. Why can’t they just tell me what bands have been added to the venue’s schedule WITHIN the email???

We scoped out the bus route and arrived about 5:15pm for the 5:45pm show. We managed to score some front row seats, sitting comfortably close while drinking a nice cold draft.

The album is rather good. Very similar to early 90’s shoegazer guitar rock. My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel.


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