OS X deployment document

OS X deployment documentation

This is what I’ve been using for deploying OS X to my clients. The document comes straight from one of our Apple reps. I’ve never seen it posted anywhere. It’s been working very well for us. It contains the following topics:

‘Creating an Apple Software Restore (ASR) Disk Image
‘Run Classic from a Locked/Read-Only Disk Image
‘How To Hide The ‘admin’, Or Any Other Account, from Displaying In the Login Window
‘Create an Account that Self Refreshes at Logout (AKA, The Self Cleaning Oven)

After following the steps in this doc for creating an ASR Disk Image we then use FileWave for sending changes and updates (software only) to the client. The only major change to what we do versus what this document describes is using Penn States "Blast Image Config" to copy the image to the hard drive instead of NetRestore or Disk Utility. Blast Image Config is very fast (faster than NetRestore) and provides a lot of extra features. It still could use some enhancements, of which I emailed the author and they have yet to added.


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